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Welcome to the Cross Trade!

We are excited to introduce the Cross Trade platform, which will bring a major change to the industry. The Cross Trade platform allows trading between investors when the markets are closed on weekends and holidays.


Would an investor like an opportunity to trade with another investor? And have a chance to fill their order without paying the extra fees to the market makers and exchanges? Would that investor at least like to know about this?

Cross Trade has built a trading platform based on the concept, that investors would like to see an order book shared with other online investors and have the ability to trade with them, directly and promptly.

Canadian Investors will have the opportunity to trade on the platform with a Canadian online Broker and may register here to be advised on the Participating Broker, which will be announced shortly.

American Investors may register here and will be informed of the Participating Broker.

UK Investors may register here and will be informed of the Participating Broker.

All S&P 500 stocks are available for trading: Available Stocks

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Stock Awareness

Cross Trade is pleased to announce a conduit for public companies that enables its valued shareholders a place to conduct transactions during the weekend. Cross Trade has partnered with C-Square, and Zacks to provide what is called a blueprint to bring awareness to its company’s stock. The Cross Trade Blueprint provided through C-Square will be exposed to over 750k registered users through Zacks research. Public companies will get highly valued eyeballs from the buy and hold community.

⦿ PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANIES, not listed on the S&P 500, seeking to make its shares available, please click here to register.

⦿ Stock EXCHANGES seeking more info on how they can enable weekend trading for the retail client, please click here to register.

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